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At one lab I worked, a regular customer was a volunteer fireighter and would take photos of all the calls he went on.

The local Rite-Aid here has a self-serve machine that prints photos. Not something you'd want to revisit, I'd think. Japanese girl lesbian video. Did not know I had to wait there as I watched her print out the photos, I could tell the moment the first photo came out her face went from pleased anticipation to horror and disgust, the manager was called, a whispered conference was held, I got my photos, while she was ringing me up she both begged me to never to bring photos back there and condemned me.

I am new to this site. One hour photo nude. Lived in Kenosha at the time, worked in Racine. Luckily, but still, who develops a load of nazi pictures and naked kids and doesnt think to report it. I've heard he smoked at least three packs of 'Players'? One Hour Photo R - 6.

I have a friend who worked at a photo lab when he was younger. Her friend worked at a photo developing centre and my mum's boyfriend got photos developed of him cheating on my mum and her friend showed her.

I was just wondering why on earth anyone would go to such lengths, actually I was more irritated by the guys complete disregard for preservation of image quality, they were really badly made. Creepy guy would ride his bike to the store about two hours before close and spend the entire time on the Kodak machine. Sexi xxx clip. Usually selling nude photos is against store policy and, if it is, you'll lose your job if caught.

I had taken some pics of me modeling a Pull-up in the mirror I was about 8 years old and Eckerd Pharmacy would not develop them and destroyed the negative made it blank. Stay up to date on new reviews. Usually it was just boring pedestrian stuff, like pictures of a burlgarized house kicked in door, drawers dumped, ect.

It wasn't just one photo but an entire disposable camera worth of photos. Sandy Phimester 8 years ago. It wasn't me, but one of my coworkers had some print pictures of their still born child, still covered in all the nastiness and everything.

You didn't have the time to call the cops on a pedo but you did for a dog fucker? At my lab we'd keep orders on file for 24 hours before deleting the pictures from our HD.

Then their film was done, so I put it in to print, and they were all sex photos. That would terrify me if I were developing them. My most upvoted comment is about some random chick's bathtub pic fetish. We called the police, which then turned into the FBI showing up and arresting him on the spot after we showed them the pictures. It was a man and a woman engaging in foreplay when out of no where, a german shepherd enters the scene. I had a guy who brought back his VHS and disc like 15 times, saying the transfer quality was horrible.

When we went to pick up her stuff from the NICU the next day we found that the nurses had dressed our daughter and took photos. Weirdest part was he never got his photos back, due to pornography laws stating we were unable to sell the images. Kristen stewart nude pics. I've seen old naked people, groups of naked Russian hotties, bbw, lots of boobs, drugs, guns, but nothing topped the vegetable medley a la butt. I had to process them one by one and I wasn't that interested in the gore. The pictures only became worse, one of them was from the "all you can eat buffet" on the ship and also his wife, now in the latex suit but without the pants part, and with a huge pink dildo up in her vagina.

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Continue reading Show less. Been to any good dinner parties lately? There are women who do this as well as men, so that might help you decide if you are modest. Naked girl babies. Celery, carrots, flowers, and some other vegetable or flower. Well, a bit off of the intent of the post, but I can tell you about I roll I had developed that I am sure caused a few chuckles!

Models posing by mutual arrangement however seemed to be out-of-bounds. My least favorites were those disposable cameras people would leave on the tables at wedding receptions. One hour photo nude. Because print them, we did. I used to work in a photo lab that would print anything as long as it wasn't illegal.

Of all the nudes and gore, this was the strangest. This lady had someone take pictures of her giving birth. Ashley tisdale nude sex. Well, the last two rolls were of this girl in her casket, and people from the funeral posing with her.

I had a buddy years ago that worked in a camera store that the local police brought film to. That's an error I can see popping up on my browser. That movie came out way too late. A few things that I apparently need to address: I did have one high-school friend privately ask me to develop photos of her for her boyfriend.

Only once with a very young-looking model did they raise any question, but when he showed them her portfolio she was mids, but looked like a teenager as I recall they were fine. Tiny feet at a party. I would normally print the pics at home, not at a photo lab. Every single fucking picture on these rolls of film was a shot from many different angles of what would be the loosest vagina known to man with many different things inserted in it, as well as different shots of jizz inside of it, flaps folding everywhere, it was utterly gross.

I develop my C shots at home but rarely do nude shots, so that seems a bit of a wasted opportunity to me. It doesn't matter what others think. Poor girl pussy. One thing that was was thankful to work on but "crazy" to think about was a bunch of negatives from the Vietnam war.

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I used to work at a place like this in a small German town which is home to a small sect. Since it's all adults working there. The reason is because often these photos print off in full view of anyone walking buy. Never saw him again after that. So you can print photos without involving an employee in the loop, although you may want to go when the store is relatively empty so that nobody happens to glance over your shoulder at the thumbnail-sized pictures on the screen.

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