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I recently read the book for the first time and I was surprised at how different it was from the movie. This, presumably, is what draws Sandy into the Brodie set.

I too like how the children's roles are depicted and portrayed, and I am right with you in your description of Diahann Carroll as someone who "has spent a lifetime getting in the way of her own talent. Free nude women galleries. Prime of miss jean brodie nude. Happier still that you took the time and effort to contribute such well-considered observations and take-away points in this forum.

It makes it all the more ironic that she herself looked up to those leaders. It's interesting that you say that Maggie Smith's biography is lacking in gossip.

Your character in Things We Want is the sexy neighbor who stirs up trouble between the brothers. While I could still feel drawn to her - that wonderful voice, those long arms, that walk - I kept wanting her to shut up.

Although I think i regarded myself as pretty much a know-it-all at 18, I think the film does a pretty good job of establishing early on that Sandy is very perceptive - perhaps too much so - beyond her years. Ken Anderson March 2, at 3: The point you make about people being a complex mix of good and evil is I think very true when it comes to the innocent malevolence of Miss Brodie.

There must be an optimal set of circumstances for watching that film. Nixon looks willowy and cameo-lovely in Eric Becker's s frocks and Paul Huntley's wavy auburn wig, but she has made a miscalculation in her interpretation of the plum role that earned a Tony for Zoe Caldwell in and an Academy Award for Maggie Smith for the film version. She won an Oscar award in the 60's! The whole thing was intoxicating to me. And thank you very much for your nice words and taking the time to comment and you asked a great question!

They divorced in Either of those films can be overwhelming for a viewer in the wrong mood or just unprepared. Female escorts york pa. Franklin plays young so well that I felt instantly ashamed and uncomfortable when she poses nude for her lecherous art teacher, played by Robert Stephens. Miss Brodie was a part for lionesses of the stage who combined old-style grandeur with new-style neurosis, and it got them in Vanessa Redgrave who created the part in LondonZoe Caldwell who won a Tony as Miss Brodie on Broadway and Maggie Smith who was awarded an Oscar for playing her on screen.

Very commendable how you give films you've had no previous interest in a chance. Her low self-esteem is a good motivation for the championing of fascists. Last cinema film of Celia Johnson. The Nostalgiacalypse Is Upon Us! Saw this first run and all I remember is the nude artist-and-model scene--my first nude scene I was It was a wonder watching all his characters interacting… dancing with each other, playing music with each other, spilling things on each other.

David Kucharski March 2, at 9:

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The song "Jean" was no longer a love song, but a wistful love that got away song. Like the politics the sex in the movie just kind of bounced off me.

If something is good, it's not good for its own sake but because Brodie says it is so. Kaley cuoco lesbian sex. Imagine, if you will, having to find an actress capable of posing a credible threat to the likes of Maggie Smith. Maggie Smith is so enchanting in this, I know that when I first saw the film, I though the character of Sandy was rather cruel and was acting out of spite.

Your writing on favorite films is always compelling and you repeatedly pique my interest with your observations. I am so happy you noticed my not mentioning Downton Abbey! Her ass is large and square and kind of flabby for an teen age model artist, I guess was a fan of Ruebens. Though Neame often wanders away from discussing his movie, hearing what's tantamount to an oral history from someone so integrally involved with both British and American filmmaking is almost always rewarding.

The stereo track enjoys solid fullness and fair depth. Many credited the popularity of the theme song with giving the film the kind of longevity it might not ordinarily have sustained. Brodie feeds her impressionable schoolgirls maudlin, probably faked romantic reveries, instilling daydreams of passion and doomed affairs.

And once again you did a great job on your screen caps. I'm a little ashamed at not having seen Swashbuckler yet Brodie's most precocious disciple Sandy Pamela Franklin is the one who finally sees how much the teacher has abused her position of influence and authority.

The latter being plenty dark already. Prime of miss jean brodie nude. Mn nude beach. Part of Smith's genius is her ability to convey all the conflicting facets of Brodie's character, then tie them together to create a fiercely human portrait. She truly means no harm, but proves harmful nonetheless. July 06, UPC: According to Pamela Franklineven though they were 18, she and the other young girls were asked not to eat their lunch in the Pinewood cafeteria in their school uniform costumes for appearance's sake as beer and wine was served there.

There was no juicy gossip in it. This time Miss Brodie made me angry. The scene in "Brodie" where Mr.

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Your comments regarding Brodie's character and her unique relationship with Sandy are especially engaging. Easily my second favorite Keaton short behind One Week. Reading your comment was like reading a short story so beautifully do you take us through what each particular revisit to Miss Brodie's class teaches you about yourself and life.

Caroline Lagerfelt, telling the Brodie story in flashback, plays the older Sandy, now a nun known as Sister Helena. Lesbian beautiful video. Maybe you'll take a look at one sometime and let us know if Maggie's matches up to what you remember as a teen.

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I was wondering when you would get to this film--I was surprised you hadn't already written about it! Lowther could provide that. She could have been the betrayed innocent or the always cold and calculating and still start in the same place and end in the same place, but Franklin strikes the bullseye in-between those two paths.

When I checked this blog to ensure my recollection was correct, I saw that "Eve's Bayou" got more awards than any other film, except "What's Up, Doc? The darkness the film has acured for me, anyway is in noting what historians have said for ages Waltman was written on July 24, That, like an earlier commenter helped illustrate, if enough people follow a really bad idea, there are many other people who think that's all they need to feel OK about their dubious ideologies.

I wanted to be Miss Brodie, have adoring fans, men fighting for me, and be the center of everyone's world. Fox's lush transfer and the top-notch audio commentary earn high marks, but even fans of traditional chick flicks may lack the patience for this meandering drama. Pictures of charlize theron naked. Happier still that you took the time and effort to contribute such well-considered observations and take-away points in this forum.

Michael March 30, at

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