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To give a counter example, there's a high level player in the Street Fighter community called Poongko who's infamous for taking off his shirt whilst playing: I have no knowledge one way or the other. Our group identity mostly came from our self-perceived intelligence, dedication, and skill.

Is it all persona or is it also the real you? Wu gives a piece of "inexpensive" tech to a kid at a Maker fair. Milf gape pics. Hacker News new comments show ask jobs submit.

You can rank anything by any arbitrary metric and divide the population into deciles, even subjective judgments of attractiveness. Naomi sexycyborg wu naked. We get all kinds, both genders, an age range from probably 20 to 80, and a diverse mix of races. Wu says she got into basic coding as a young woman because it was a fast way to make cash.

But no one worldview will encompass everyone's thoughts and feelings. Excerpt from a different article: Pushback here is people literally saying she is fake and can't be skilled. Who gives a shit if someone makes a private joke about dongles at a conference?? It is precisely the "and since she is sexy then she must be bimbo" that is a problem and causes whole lot of negativity.

G7PSK on April 05, EliRivers 6 months ago. But the other issue is, we've got our own communities. In the end, the talk here goes everywhere but fails to mention that bunnie vouched for sexyhacker. Big huge fucking tits. If you're concerned about painting someone as a role model, what do you find offensive about what RealSexyCyborg is doing?

Getting a story's details wrong isn't illegal and never should bebut bending the truth is a great tool to get people to believe something you want them to. UncleMeat 6 months ago Heck, there was a freaking cologne ad campaign featuring a stanford grad student. And if I promote myself as a Star Trek fan to bring attention to my engineering work, nerd-shaming is also in scope.

Seems like attractiveness and distinctiveness are key qualities in a hypothetical persona. It was NSFW for sure. To those downvoting me, can you please explain? Clearly you think differently, and I would be interested in better understanding your point of view. Functional prints are making progress with the Drone, RC and small robot communities though.

When she declines romantic or sexual advances from American ex-pats, Wu says they often respond with rage. If you've got something interesting to say, it's all good.

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You can rank anything by any arbitrary metric and divide the population into deciles, even subjective judgments of attractiveness. Milf caught having sex. The explanation for why she and her "handler" would do that, is that they get hired to endorse products.

And she says she's feeling the financial effects of the tech-bro smears. When I was 13 I won a national prize an encyclopedia and the local paper wanted to interview me. Or if someone made an insulting joke at my expense, loudly enough for everyone to hear, and they had to either let it go or get involved in a public fracas.

While it is certainly her right to do so it seems that a bit of push-back is expected and potentially warranted. But the next time Bunnie turns to social media to talk about something he's done, I don't expect to see a picture of him in his underwear next to the product.

The death of one abused power, however, will likely lead to another one. And so when this guy sees people flocking to get weather updates from her, rather than tuning into his youtube channel his instinct will be to say she is using sex to sell. Would I be creating a hostile environment for my female coworkers?

Regardless of what major traditional media outlet you visit, I will bet you every step of the way they are getting paid to tell you stuff that their benefactors want you to hear. Naomi sexycyborg wu naked. UncleMeat 6 months ago Heck, there was a freaking cologne ad campaign featuring a stanford grad student.

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The downvotes are coming from your erroneous conflation of the two and possibly being perceived as purposeful conflation to strawman the argument. I doubt that Sexy Cyborg would be as well known without the sexual aspect, but fame doesn't correspond perfectly to competence either. Cell phone pics of naked girls. Unfortunately many Western men are burnt out by all the talk of inclusion and diversity back home — and quite keen on tech events in China where the women present are young, attractive, and largely assigned to them as personal translators and guides.

So when an obvious candidate for the dolls clique presents himself or herself as a nerd, I know I am not the only one who might question their "qualifications". VLM 6 months ago In the US "slutshaming" is part of the progressive stack so in a sense of unity, and voting on HN is often used to enforce political norms. Those other traits could be sex appeal, it could be celebrity in another area, it could be wealth, whatever.

Sure maybe she doesnt have a phd in meteorology but she understands it well, and generally people would rather take the info from her than some fat guy mumbling about advanced meteorology. For Making, like English teaching, Chinese favor Caucasians. I believe they hate him because they can't control him. She took issue with other standard editorial protocols, such as when a fact-checker reached out to other sources for this piece. Wu displays her LED-lit skirt, a design which went viral on Reddit.

The point is the information and if he's not sharing bad info I don't see the problem other than the fact that you and I have differences in taste. PR companies have the opinion that sex sells, so if someone in a technical conference is overtly oversexualized, that makes me suspicious of their true motives. Lesbian teacher having sex with lesbian student. It is the original image provided by the contributor.

I'm sure she has other rumours and criticisms online as I'm sure she has been getting already.

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Big tits dream Why is that such an inconceivable accusation? But Naomi isn't selling online courses.
GIRLS HAZING NUDE Is she sending a message that the only way to be a female maker is to emphasize your looks? There is no advancement and little training since the assumption is we will leave to have and raise a child. When did you first learn about and start using 3D printing?
Naked bikini dare Dig deeper, search our message board 3DPrintBoard. Perhaps a "pool service" might be the solution. So, if a male commenter were to complement her on her sexy outfit, which category does that fall into?
Calm your tits shirt I must have missed the tweets where Dougherty tried to destroy the career and livelihood of, say, Taylor Swift or Beyonce or Miley Cyrus. I can't exactly blame the dice if I got a lower Charisma roll than theirs. Who decides the standard?

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