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I'm going to upvote you on the basis that I have to believe this is an obvious attempt at a hilarious troll.

Send a private message to Jack-Hammer. There are few fighters who can equal the level of skill wielded by Lady Brienne of Tarth. Sexy naked ass twerk. I think Vince would sign him in a second if he could. Hafþór júlíus björnsson naked. If there's one thing missing from Britain's annual Royal Rumble meet-ups, it's us chucking each other about in excitement. I honestly can't believe you don't understand that. Originally Posted by Slyfox Not like she beat Jaime's ass or anything. She fled Meereen on Drogon when her efforts to combat the Sons of the Harpy hit a dead end, and now is leaving her lover, Daario Naharis Michiel Huismanbehind in the city-state to oversee the selection of new leaders while she sails to Westeros with an invading force.

Mastering Point of View 1st edition Story Press Was Bjronsson ever a wrestler or something? I was just trying to say he wasn't the best guy for the sake of this light-hearted argument, but came across looking like an idiot. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Naked muscle women videos. My Game of Thrones Posts, Seasons To find out more, as well as how to remove or block these, see here: But being banished from polite society actually gave Sam the room to become a decent person in a way his family never would have allowed.

Dany may have extracted a promise from Yara Greyjoy Gemma Whelan to change Ironborn culture and awed the assembled khaalsars at Vaes Dothrak. How about when Grace pounds submitted Dan Severn pounds on a night where he had already fought, and won, previously.

Kristofer Hivju on the red carpet for a movie premiere. Trending Now on NYPost. What you can do though, is pair them. Sheri McInnis by a traditionally and Indie published author who is also a book coach, with posts on everything for writers, from agents to addiction.

Read Next Smithsonian series lends color to historical footage. His saying that this guy would totally crush a Garmin.

Originally Posted by Eyrothath. Disconcerted and discombobulated, Jon decided to investigate himself. M is for Munchers: Did you miss the 2 strongman part you fucking retard?

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They probably don't even know what a knee bar is. Sweet amateur tits and ass. For all that she has fought to rid herself of a husband she hates, and to perpetuate the deceptions that would allow her children to rule, Cersei is not a transformational figure. Unless if he were say, a gladiator type: It would definately give WWE a lot of publicity. His son Robb Richard Madden fights his first battle in the war against the Lannisters. Are we actually having a serious discussion about whether GSP, one of the greatest mixed martial art fighters ever, could beat an actor?

As others say, it'd take years for him to get in shape. Disconcerted and discombobulated, Jon decided to investigate himself. Originally Posted by Slyfox Perhaps, then, you really are an idiot? But for all the harm Ramsay did to other people, he was also a product of the same misogyny he embodied in such horrifying fashion. Find all posts by Eyrothath. Hafþór júlíus björnsson naked. Lipstick lesbian pictures. Game of Thrones is a huge show with millions of fans around the world.

Switch to Hybrid Mode. Originally Posted by Eyrothath. Varys has made a habit of aligning himself with those in power, from the Lannisters to Daenerys Targaryen. Yeah, I love that kind of silly nonsense. Last edited by Eyrothath: I'm always intrigued by topics like this.

I mean, the guy has never done wrestling but I am sure he could with ease. Their argument seems to be that he could grab GSP and bearhug him into submission However, I still think GSP would win no problem.

On the other, she acts primarily out of love for her family. Icy Sedgwick a quirky historical blog on all things folklore like witches, flowers, and vampire rabbits and sometimes on ancient Egypt. I had to jump in and goad that exxixxion or whatever the hell their name is What would this guy do? You want to talk about faulty logic assuming that this guy being strong qualifies him to beat one of the greatest fighters who has ever lived is comical.

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