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A full explanation of what kind of damage that gun could do even with blanks should have been done before they gave it to him for the scene.

It ended because it was perceived as being gay. Googled Laramie and there's this YouTube video. Hannah hughes nude. To their surprise, she lands feet-first on the car. All these guys weren't walking around with semis all the time like you see in these pics.

He looks like the kind of cheesy, third rate Casanova that would stuff a pair of rolled up socks down his pants and undoubtedly did. Gil gerard naked. R - so was James Darren. Nora, no wonder "Sea Hunt" was a hit show, right? Can you guess the unlikely actor? A somewhat random grouping And thanks for making me not be the only one who bulge-watches!

These are a few of my favorite Wings. R I don't recognize him, but I'll take him - famous or not. She goes to the cookie jar and takes out her dad's gun. He's a pic from a movie I cannot recall the name of. Housewives try lesbian sex. Ever notice how all the iconic male pairings in prime time tv shows always had one blonde and one brunette, and how they all had a homoerotic element to them?

Thank God Steve Bond took a stage name. The women of the day never complained because they got their jollies looking at these men. Word is that he used to love to hook up with guys for a good fuck and then he'd beat the shit out of them afterward. Today he looks like something that wandered in off the Sinai.

Chip Mayer, in the years before his death, was almost unrecognizable. An early Tom Selleck. Roger Daltry was sometimes perky down there as well. James Mason, in the shoreline set Age of Consent Maybe you can show him where Uggo's thread is. She shows no remorse for her daughter's death, and while she knows she's going to jail, she promises that someone worse than her will be in charge next.

He was as pretty a thing as I'd ever seen and a great server. According to the reports Travolta has a well earned reputation for "presenting" in gym facilities all over the country.

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R Gary Sandy was sexy as hell back in the day.

Under age children can clearly see the outline I just wanna be your everything As good as he is at delivering straight drama and filling out a suithis roots are in comedy, making him a hysterical addition to occasionally 30 Rock and one of the few decent hosts of Saturday Night Live in recent years. Bar paly tits. Fuller was shirtless many times on Laramie.

Just what the doctor ordered—no rubber gloves necessary. I was flattered and very happy with the photos some I had never seen and your talented style of writing. Gil gerard naked. What do you think of Ryan O'Neal's cutoffs? Battles of the Bulge. I'd say he had one! A very good one! John Ireland seen here in 's Southwest Passage with his then-wife Joanne Dru is legend among the well-hung Hollywood stars of old. People like him think it's amusing to play on the edge--like pretending to play Russian Roulette with a gun loaded with blanks.

R Then Antony Hamilton had his own tragic demise. How they got away with showing his packet in those tight jeans is baffling, but oh my! Man, he would've looked good in gladiator gear in the '50s. It's not wrong, because it won't make him any deader. A guilty, caliente pleasure.

Whoever it is, though, I like it! Which star it is he's massaging I don't know. Drunk girl fucked porn. Mayer died of a brain injury at Of course, we can't see the whole thing but it starts out VERY promising.

Conrad wasn't big but did have a nice body and ass. March shows up after they left, but the valet tells him that Holly was in the black car. I'll give you some classic bulge! Finally there was a funny segment where he wrestled with Andy Dick in a tight onesie and ooh lal la!.

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But regardless, Shipp's hotness was already well known to avid TV viewers from his days as a stunning soaper and appearances such as a heart-stopping nude sequence on NYPD Blue. He is a spokesman now for gastric bypass surgery after becoming morbidly obese. Burt in tight pants makes Johnny jealous.

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